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According to the announcement of Iran Telecommunication Company, all foreign nationals who have a license to stay in the country can use all telecommunication services such as landline, mobile and internet. ّ Iranian sim cards are divided in to 3 big operators of 1. Irancell 2. Hamrah-e Aval 3. Ritel. All these 3 operators have both pre-paid and post-paid sim cards. Among these 3 , the first 2 operators are more popular and common in Iran. Non-Iranians can buy up to three active mobile SIM cards in their own name.
Documents required to purchase a SIM card for non-Iranian nationals include asylum card, residence card, valid passport, identity card and green card.

What is the difficulty for foreigners with Iran Sim cards?

The process of buying Iranian sim cards is easy as pie. But what makes difficulty for foreigners is charging their sim card or pay their post-paid sim card bills, because they need to exchange money or some times may they dont have cash or Iran bank card. But Iranoox Team find a solution for such problems. You as a Chinese person can charge your sim card and internet or pay you bills by your WeChat pay via Iranoox mini-app.

Here in Iranoox we provide your sim card, charge your call and internet with Iranoox WeChat mini-program and pay by your WeChat.

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This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified))