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Registration of foreigners to obtain an Iranian driver's license

Driving in Iran is easy for those who like to travel in Iran and want to stay here for long time. Here if you want to register for driving license, you need to have some documents which depict that you are living in Iran or have enough document for staying here for long time. There are a list of documents and conditions in this article that you can read and follow them:

A. Required documents :

1- Residence letter from the Immigration Police or passport (if the residence is stated in the passport) .

2- Translation of the passport (this translation must be approved by the relevant embassy or the technical office of the judiciary and  Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tehran)

3- Passport copy (front page and entrance stamped visa page)

4- Introduction to driving schools in Iran for theoretical and practical training

5- Testing in Iran Certification Center (theoretical and practical)

6- Paying the relevant fees

Note: According to current regulations, foreign nationals will only be allowed to obtain a third-class driver’s license and a motorcycle.

Convert foreign driver's license to Iranian

According to the agreement between Iran and some countries:

If issued driver’s license country is one of the 60 countries that have a driver’s license exchange agreement with Iran, the applicant (Iranian or foreign national) can apply for an equivalent Iranian license with the following documents in the Azmayesh town of Tehran (Foreign Citizens Affairs Certification Center)

* Normally, in exchange for issuing driving licenses of foreign countries in the form of motorcycles, Iranian driving licenses are issued equivalent to motorcycles, and in exchange for other types of ordinary foreign driving licenses, Iranian third-level licenses will be issued.

Documents and steps:

1- Confirmation of the certificate image by the embassy of the issuing country in Iran and then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is located in Imam Khomeini Square, next to the Post Museum (Building No. 9 of the Certification Office)

2- Official translation of the foreign certificate that has been approved by the Technical Office of the Judiciary and then the document verification office of the ministry of foreign affairs.

3- For foreign nationals: having a residence confirmation letter (for at least one year) from the Immigration Police or passport (if the residence is specified in the passport).

4- Three 4 × 3 full face photos (Note: Photos are white background and not instant).

5- Certificate of physical, mental and psychological health from the centers approved by police.

7- Bank receipt ( price is different for foreigners) to the account 2171159008009 (National Bank).

8- Bank receipt ( price is different for foreigners) to the account 2171151303003 (National Bank) in the name of the law enforcement for the conversion of the certificate.

Certificate validity:

A- It should be mentioned that in the process of converting the certificate of foreign nationals to Iranian, provided that their certificate issued abroad has sufficient validity, the Iranian exchange certificate will be issued with a validity of one year and in case of re-application at the end, their Iranian certificate is renewed annually.

Driving conditions with a foreign driver's license in Iran

B. Required Conditions 

All Iranian or foreign nationals who have a driver’s license of any foreign country, can drive for 180 days from the beginning of entering Iran only if they have the following documents:

1- The principle of a valid foreign certificate

2- Translation of the foreign certificate by the embassy of the issuing country and stamped with the seal of that embassy

3- Copy of the first page of the passport (photo and details page) and the page in which the entry stamp to Iran is inserted

International driving license:

Only foreign nationals with an international driver’s license with sufficient validity will be allowed to drive for six (6) months from the date of arrival in Iran.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified))