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translator and tour guide service in Iran

As a foreigner  in a new country with different mother tongue, you will face with below conditions:

A. You know their language

B.  You don’t know and need a translator

In case A there is no problem for you , so you can start your business or travel but in case B you need to find some translator in your language who can help you to do your plan. Now, another problem comes out. How you can find a translator. Honestly, find a professional as well as trustful translator or tour guide is a risky process which needs enough research and also chance. Here, in Iranoox, we have this service for travelers or business men  who are looking for a translator for their business meeting or a guide for their Iran tour.

Our services in this field is divided in 5 categories:

  • Translator ( In Chinese, English)
  • English guide
  • Chinese guide ( a person whose mother tongue is Persian but can speak Chinese)
  • Coordinator ( In Chinese, English, Persian languages)
  • Driver guide (In Chinese, English, Persian languages)

To request for any above services please contact us via:

Wechat: MPTAAgency

What’s app: +989120706205

Direct call: +89120706205