Slide book hotel, rent a car, rent a house in iran

Book hotel as a tourist or a business man

The first needs to enter to new country for a travel, business or even living is finding an accommodation. Iran like any other country in the world has various hotels at different stars from luxury to more economical one in every cities. To book such hotels, you can do it online or you can ask any travel agencies in Iran to reserve a room for your requested nights. The hotel rules are the same in comparison to others in the world and rooms have all necessary facilities. Just consider that, since Iran is an Islamic country, so there are some special rules for using hotels facilities like using swimming pool. Anyway Iran is a beautiful country and staying here is a new experience.

Rent an apartment or office

If you are looking for renting a house or an apartment, so it means that you want to stay in Iran for a longer time.

Documents for renting a house or apartment in Iran:

  1. Original Passport
  2. Visa

Rent a car with driver

You can find any types of car in Iran. A luxury cars for your business meetings or normal and usual cars for your daily use. Iranoox company with it’s available cars in different types and size, is available for your request.

book hotel, rent a car, rent a house in iran