Company Recruitment Service


Investment in Iran as a country with newborn capacity in different field of business is an amazing chance for any foreigners. There are currently very few countries in the world with Iran’s conditions and opportunities for investment. After decades of sanctions and separation from international markets, Iran is now ready to take advantage of these opportunities. Since U.S. and European Union sanctions on Iran are finally removed on 16 January 2016, Iran returned to the world’s markets and obtained the freedom to trade and cooperate with other countries and to increase its foreign trade volume. Moreover, Iran will reach its assets in the amount of 100 billions dollars held in international banks. The ease of sanctions and removal of parts of international restrictions will definitely cause an increase of foreign investors in Iran. It is clear that the foreign investors were waiting for this removal, so that they can invest in Iran in order to take a part in the Iranian markets. Consequently, the heavy investments and big improvements in Iranian business sector are expected.

Now you have a company in Iran, what you need is to arrange your staff who are well- experienced and professional enough to your working field. To recruit needed staff, firstly you need a source to choose most suitable person. So where do you want to find such system? Is it easy to find a one in a country that you don’t know their language and their working system. So what is your solution? There are some methods that help you as below:

  • Advertise in Iran daily newspaper such as Hamshahri newspaper
  • Advertise in Iran recruitment website
  • Send needed staff request to recruitment companies

These are possible way to reach you to your goals. Here our recruitment team help you to do all process as easy as possible without wasting your time and energy besides you can find the best suitable person.