What social medias are most popular in Iran?

What social medias are most popular in Iran?

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what are most popular social medias in Iran?

Communication among people around the world is as easy as a piece of a cake. Nowadays, internet is what makes the communication better and useable. Advance in technology and increase in people needs are the reason for appearing social medias. Some social medias are popular globally like, twitter and Instagram and some of them are more restricted to specific country like We chat. The popularity of such applications are depends on their features and facilities. This is good to know about your destination social media if you want to stay on that country for a while. This will also help you to find the best social medias on your minded country to make better communication with your collogue, customers and new friends. In this article Iranoox team introduce Iran social medias.

List of social medias in Iran

  • Instagram
  • What’s app
  • Telegram
  • We chat

How much Instagram is popular as a social media in Iran?

The most popular social media in Iran is Instagram. Most Iranian have account on this app. It is a market for sellers and a place to share daily events. So while you are in Iran, use Instagram to see your friends posts. It is a good source to find Iran small or big business accounts as well as contacts.

How does What’s app work in Iran?

What’s app is another popular app in Iran that is not filtered. Most Iranian use what’s app for connection and business.

Does Telegram work in Iran?

Telegram was a very popular social media in Iran but it is banned and need to open it with VPN. Today, the popularity of Telegram is lower than other apps because can not open it without VPN. Although, it is usable now.

We chat in Iran

We chat is another application that use in Iran but it is not common. This application works in Iran but some times need to open it with VPN.

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified))