What are the best restaurant and café in Isfahan?

What are the best restaurant and café in Isfahan?

Isfahan is the name which refer to the city that is popular to half of the world. This historical city has amazing visiting places as well as cafés and restaurants. The variety of food is too much in Isfahan but there are special meals that never tried it before. If you like to try a special meals in Isfahan we suggest you Beryani. Beryani is made of meat and vegetable. As a tourist or a businessman, if you like to know more about best restaurant and café in Isfahan , join Iranoox in this article.

Best restaurant and café in Isfahan

Isfahan Shahrzad restaurant

This old restaurant has been operating since 1967. It is one of the best and most well-known restaurants in Isfahan with Qajar murals and traditional mirrors. The stained glass windows show a beautiful reflection of the tradition and originality of Isfahan. In this restaurant, a variety of authentic Iranian and Isfahan dishes serve along with Western dishes along with live music.

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Beryani Azam in Isfahan

Beryani is a popular and authentic food of Isfahan. It is one of the most important parts of Isfahan tourism. Beryani is a fatty and meaty food made from minced lamb or mutton and liver, in the middle of a small traditional bread. There are many restaurants for beryani all over Isfahan. One of the best restaurants in Isfahan to try this food is Beryani Azam. This restaurant is one of the oldest and most popular restaurants. In this restaurant, beryani usually serve with fresh Taftoon bread or Sangak, vegetables and buttermilk.

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khan gostar restaurant

Khan gostar Restaurant is one of the most famous and stylish restaurants in Isfahan. It has a very special atmosphere and environment, beautiful decoration and qualified food. It has varied menu that affects every taste. Among all the dishes of the restaurant, Kebab is famous and special. Also, a variety of salads and vegetarian dishes are available as a self-service for vegetarians and those who do not like meat food.

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Jarchi bashi restaurant

One of the most fabulous restaurants in Isfahan is located in a 400-year-old historical bath with original and traditional architecture. This restaurant was used as a bathroom until 2003. In 2011, after renovation, Jarchi bashi started its activity as a restaurant. At present, this dining hall museum has the capacity to accommodate 250 to 300 people at a time. A variety of traditional, Persian and French dishes are served in this restaurant. Jarchi bashi restaurant has live music on Wednesdays and Saturday nights, Tuesdays and Fridays at noon. The very close distance of this restaurant to the sights of Isfahan, such as Naghsh Jahan Square, has increased its popularity. It is well-known as a popular restaurant among travelers.

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Azadegan cafe

This coffee house was first built during the Safavid period. Is known as Haj Mirza House. The café resembles an antique shop due to its special decoration. It includes antique items that its owner has collected over the years.

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