What are Iran sim cards and how to charge them?

What are Iran sim cards and how to charge them?

Iran sim cards

Iran most use sim cards are Irancell and Hamrah-e aval which are two first mobile operators . These two operators start their activity with limited group of users in Iran from 1994 but with increasing interest in technology, the number of users rose suddenly. Now each Iranian has Irancell or Hamrah-e aval sim card. There are different type of sim cards in Iran. To choose the best sim card, totally depends on your needs and request. In order to get more information about conditions and buy Iran sim cards please check Iranoox sim card and internet service.

Types of sim card in Iran

Iran Hamrah-e aval

Hamrah-e aval sim cards group in below categories:

Post-pay sim card

Post-pay sim cards are activated for you by paying the initial fee. After that each month you will have your phone bill. You can pay your bill right from hamrah-e man website or download the application. Unlike, this payment service is not in English language, so this is a bug for this type of sim card for foreigners and make it difficult for them to pay by own.

Pre-pay card

Pre-pay sim card exactly work the same as permanent one but they have specific charge validity. You pay small amount for sim card cost and the initial charge of 50.000 IRR, 100.000 IRR, 200.000 IRR, 500.000 IRR or 1.000.000 IRR. You must use the charge during the validity period because after expiration you can not use your remained charge as well as transferring it. It is better to manage your charge and internet and find more matched charge type.

MCI Hamrah-e Aval charge serviceCode
Internet activation*10*231#
Internet inactivation *10*232#
Account bill*1*2#
Account stock*10*121#

The Irancell sim card

The same as Hamrah-e aval , Irancell is also have pre-pay and post-pay sim card. Beside these sim cards , Irancell has a Tourist sim card with validity of 1 month. Tourist sim card is a good option for travelers who stay in Iran for short period. The benefits of tourist sim card is 1.quick activation after buying 2. reasonable price 3. ability to call and send message abroad 4. high speed internet . The Irancell as well as Hamrah-e aval has special codes for all types of it’s sim cards.

MTN Irancell charge serviceCode
Check internet package account *555*1*4#
Check charge account*555*1*2#

Comparison of Hamrah-e Aval and Irancell call and SMS tariffs

In this article, we will answer the question of how much it will cost to make a phone call and send a text message from each of the mobile operators. A few months ago, the main communication operators standardized their basic in-network and out-of-network call service tariffs. This monopoly was done to make it easier than ever to calculate subscriber account costs.

In the following, we will see the comparison table of call and SMS tariffs of operators:

OperatorMTN Irancel MCI Hamrah-e Aval
Permanent SIM card in-network call (Per minute)
599 IRR 599 IRR
Credit SIM in-network calls (Per minute)
899 IRR899 IRR
Permanent call out-network (Per minute)
599 IRR 599 IRR
Credit SIM card out-network call (Per minute)
899 IRR 899 IRR
Permanent SIM card SMS in (Farsi language)
99 IRR 99 IRR
Permanent SIM card SMS (In English language)232 IRR222 IRR
Credit SIM card SMS in (Farsi language)
116 IRR116 IRR
Credit SIM card SMS in (English language)
274 IRR274 IRR