Best Shopping centers in Tehran and their locations

Best Shopping centers in Tehran and their locations

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As a foreigner you may not have any special clothes shopping in Iran because you have the best brands in your country but what may attract you to buy Iran clothes are traditional and stylish one that you can not find it any where else. Shopping souvenirs and handcrafts is a part of your plan. If you are one of those who likes shopping or want to stay in Iran for long time, so, it is good to get familiar with Iran shopping centers. Here, in this article Iranoox team try to introduce such places in Tehran to you:

Tehran Shopping centers

Tehran Grand Bazaar

Tehran shopping centers and markets

The construction of Tehran Bazaar dates back to the Qajar period. Although there is a difference of opinion about the time of its construction. Some consider Naser al-Din Shah – the Qajar’s King was the founder of the Tehran Bazaar, while others attribute its establishment to Shah Tahmasb- the King of Safavid. It seems that the bazaar didn’t have roof during the Safavid period and then was roofed during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah.

Tehran Grand Bazaar, is one of the largest markets in Iran. It is located in the Tehran and in 15 Khordad street. The market area is more than one square kilometer. It has different parts. Each part sell special products. The most interesting part of this bazaar is carpet part. You can find handmade carpets from all around Iran. In this market you can find everything from souvenirs to clothes, home appliances, herbs and spices. To go to Tehran grand bazaar, subway is the best option. To get more information about Tehran subway please click here.

Location: Tehran, district 12, Panzdah-e khordad Sq. View on map

Tehran Parvaneh Friday handicraft market

Tehran Friday market

Friday Parvaneh Bazaar is a gathering place for many artists every Friday from 8:00 to 16:00 to sell handicrafts, antiques and many other accessories.  This market is one of the most attractive sights of Tehran and it is popular among artists and handicraft enthusiasts. For the residents of the capital, this market is one of the main one for buying traditional handicrafts. The tourists also consider this market as one of the best markets in Tehran for sightseeing and shopping. In many tourism media, this Friday market has been named as the best market in Tehran.

Location: Tehran, Hemmat Highway (east to west), after Haqqani exit or Haqqani Highway (west to east), after Modares Highway, National Library Boulevard. View on map

Iranmall shopping centers

Iran mall big shopping center

Iran Mall is one of the most important commercial centers in Iran, which in addition to numerous stores, also has various amenities and entertainment facilities. Iran mall is one of the top five properties in the world and one of the largest commercial, cultural and social projects in Iran and the Middle East. This complex has extraordinary facilities such as shopping malls, amusement park, cinema campus, sports complex and hotel. This market is both a place for shopping and entertainment.

Location: Tehran, end of Shahid Hemmat Highway (west), Shahid Kharazi Highway. View on map

Tajrish Bazaar

Tajrish bazaar in Tehran

Tajrish market is one of sights of Tehran.  It has a great variety in terms of goods and handicrafts and at the same time all kinds of prices can be seen in it. This bazaar is located in the heart of the historical places like Imamzadeh Saleh mosque. In addition, there is an indoor fruit and vegetable market, which is very popular among locals and foreign tourists.

Location: Tehran, Tajrish Sq. View on map

This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified))