Tehran subway map and how to take subway in Iran?

Tehran subway map and how to take subway in Iran?

Tehran as a capital of Iran is a city with more than 6 million population in a day, a crowded city with enough facilities to response to needs. Tehran subway is one of the Tehran’s public transportation that is one of the complex and advanced subways. You can find various way to go to your destination. Generally Tehran’s public transportation divide in to below categories:

  • Metro/ Subway
  • BRT bus
  • Normal bus
  • Taxi

Tehran Subway

Tehran subway is one of the busiest inner city transportation systems in the world. This metro operates in seven main lines, five of which (2, 3, 4, 6, 7) are completely inner-city, one line (5) is relatively suburban (between Tehran and Karaj and Hashtgerd) and one line (1 , Line branching 1) is in two parts. According to development plans, Tehran metro lines are to be increased to 11 lines. As of June 2021, the length of the operated metro lines is 253.7 km with 142 stations, and the number of active wagons in the Tehran metro is 1514 wagons, equal to 217 trains that carry an average of more than 2.5 million passengers daily. Tehran Metro has achieved a record of 2 million and 950 thousand trips per day.

How to buy or charge Iran sub way’s tickets?

To enter Iran subway, first you need to buy tickets. Tickets are in 2 types: A. Chargeable card tickets B. Disposable tickets (one way or round trip). To buy a card you need to pay around any subway stations in Tehran, you will see some counters. You can ask them for buying or charging cards.

Tehran Subway Chargeable Cards tickets or electronic tickets

These cards are the one that you need to pay a primary price and then you can charge base on your needs. The benefits of them :

  • It can be used for BRT bus as well.
  • With these cards, you can pay for parking meters for car parking.

QR code or disposable tickets

This type of tickets are in one-way or round trip trips and it is good for those who doesn’t want to use subway permanently. The cost of these tickets is vary according to the routes. The price for Inner one way trip 20.000 IRR, Urban one-way trip 23.000 IRR, Imam khomeini International airport one-way trip 100.000 IRR, Hashtgerd city one-way trip 60.000 IRR.

Long-term tickets

This type of ticket has long term validity of 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. You can buy it one time and use it base on your ticket validity.

Tehran subway map

Subways are the best public transportation in all advanced countries. You can go any part of city with small amount of money. The Tehran’s subway has different lines which able passengers to pass from south to north and west to east, so, to experience Tehran subway is better to know it’s stations and use map to find you location. Here in Iranoox , you can find Tehran subway (metro) stations map.

Tehran subway map