How to apply for Iran Visa? and what is the process?

How to apply for Iran Visa? and what is the process?



Tourists who wish to visit Iran can apply for a visa through the following link by entering all the required information and receive a visa application reference number. Since the visa application process is online, your email address will be required. please note that you must clarify your visa issuance place as completing your application form.


Electronically submitting your online application is the FIRST STEP in the visa application process. Some visa applicants will need to attend a visa interview. This condition is true for some countries like USA, Canada, England and so on. Other applicant will take their visa without interview. After receiving the reference code, you must provide it to the clarified issuance place in application form. Another urgent document for entering Iran is insurance. You can buy insurance at the airport or buy it in advance. We suggest you to choose the second option in order to stop time consuming. You can order your insurance through our team. You can contact us via our contacts.

Iran Visa Types

Your purpose of the trip as well as other factors will determine what type of visa suits you best. As an applicant, you should be able to fulfill all the visa requirements. There are two basic types of visas: 1. Tourist visa 2. Business visa .

Iran Tourist Visa

Some countries don’t need visa to enter Iran : Syria and Armenia 90 days, Georgia 45 days, Iraq, Bolivia, Lebanon, Azerbaijan 30 days, Egypt 20 days, China, Hong Kong, Macao 21 days, Turkey 90 days, Malaysia and Venezuela 15 days. Consider that these people can enter Iran without visa , if they enter Iran from their passport country. If you come from other countries, you need to apply for visa and take visa code via Iran foreign ministry website:

Iran Business Visa

To enter Iran as a businessman you need to apply for visa and take your reference code between 7-10 working days. Invitation letter is what you need to have as a crucial document, although invited company can complete this application form. So by invitation letter means some basic information about invited company and it’s address, the reason why you enter Iran.

what documents need to apply for visa?

The needed document for visa is totally depends on visa type but general document are:

  1. Filled out visa application form
  2. 3*4 photo with solid background
  3. Passport scan

What You Should Know before Applying?

Passport Expiration

To apply for all types of electronic visas, your passport should have at least six months of validity, beyond your actual travel date. Obviously, you are not able to submit your application, if your passport is expiring in less than 6 months.

Visa Validity

The Iranian visa sticker displays some information including the validity of visa. Failure to travel to Iran during the validity of visa will prevent you from entering Iran and you will need to re-apply for a visa.

Visa Types

All types of visa defined by the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran can be applied for through the online visa application portal. Notwithstanding, some types of visa for the citizens of some countries should be applied for only in person through the relevant Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran.