How to take a taxi in Iran and what is the cheapest possible way?

How to take a taxi in Iran and what is the cheapest possible way?

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Take a taxi in Iran -

If you walk in Iran streets you will see most cars in Yellow or green colors which are the formal taxies types that you can find them anywhere. Hailing a taxi in Iran is as easier as what you think. If you stop anywhere and looking for a taxi, you will find it in a minute, because honestly most cars are taxi with sign or without sign, with special color or not. What you need to be careful about taking taxi is to know about the prices and also clarifying the prices with cab driver before sitting in their cars. Prices may be various for different types of taxies that you get.

  • Types of taxi
  • Private taxi or Dar basti (door-closed)
  • Public taxi or “Savari
  • Snapp App

Types of taxi

Iran formal taxis have special colors of yellow and green and also have station in each street. No need to worry if you don’t find their station, if you stand in a street you can see many of them. Most of Iran taxis don’t have taxi meter so you don’t know exactly the price that they offered you are real or much more than what it should be. But there are other taxis with taxi meter that we call them wireless taxis ( calling 133), even we have taxis for women (calling 1821) or phone taxi ( calling taxi agencies ) and the most easiest way Snap App. Beside all these taxies, you also have the choice of private taxi or Darbasti taxis but you need to pay more and also they are not safe as well.

Private taxi or Darbasti (Door-closed)

“Darbast”, this is your magic word. Darbasth means: ” I need a private taxi”. You need to stand next to the street and just say “Dar bast”, then you will see many taxi drivers that stop for you. This is the easiest way to take a taxi in Iran but not the cheapest. Normally, most taxis in Iran don’t have taxi meter, so you exactly don’t have any idea about the price. The best solution is that fix the price before taking it. Don’t forget the key point: ” Always offer a low price to driver because you don’t know the real value.”

Public taxi or ” Savari”

In comparison to private taxis, public taxis or what in Iran is calling ” Savari” are cheaper and include formal taxis and informal taxis. Formal taxis are those taxis in yellow and green color. When you hailing for taxi, you may think that all Iranian are taxi driver. Public taxis may stand at their specified station at special location for passengers or may pick you up at any location. ” Savari” taxis are cheaper and have fix price for their specific routes than privates.

Snapp App

What could be better than this! Snap is a taking taxi, motorcycle and delivery application. It has English version and makes it easy for foreigners to take a safe taxi with clear price. This app provide the ability to choose more than one route in each trip. It is possible to pay the cost in cash or by card. Snap app is available free in App store and Google play.

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This post is also available in: 简体中文 (Chinese (Simplified))