Best Restaurants and café in Iran and how to find them?

Best Restaurants and café in Iran and how to find them?

Iran is a historical country in middle east with more than 30 cities that each of them has their own style and traditions. Traditions are the main factors in the meal style of any region and affect peoples meal habit in Iran. If we divide Iran in to 4 parts of north, south, east and west, we will find the variety on meals and ingredients that Iranian people use in their recipes. Iran has many different restaurants and café that serve Iranian food or meals from India, china, Italy, Japan and so on. It depends on your apatite, we have all what you like to taste during your stay in Iran. If you are looking for the best restaurant or café in Iran and want to know how to find them, so be with us on this article.

Best Restaurants and café in Tehran, the capital of Iran

Milad Tower battalion restaurant, the best restaurant

Milad Tower is the tallest tower in Iran and 10th tallest towers in the world. Interest to serve Iranian or foreign meals on top floor of this tower with the 360 degree view of Tehran is an amazing experience. Mild tower battalion tower is a buffet restaurant. You can try different types of Iranian meals and desserts as well as other countries. If you like to have more choice and taste all meals at your table, so Mild tower restaurant is the best. The price of this restaurant is reasonable and you only pay an entrance fee for each person. Restaurant is open for breakfast, Lunch and dinner meal.

 Milad tower the best restaurant and cafe

Moslem restaurant

As we are looking for best restaurants and café in Iran we face to one of the oldest and most famous one. Moslem Restaurant is located in Tehran Bazaar. It is one of the most famous and best restaurants in Tehran, which rightly offers the most delicious and tasty food. There is always a long line of customers outside this restaurant. Do not worry about this queue, because due to the excellent and fast service of this restaurant, you will not have to wait long. The most famous dish of this restaurant is Tahchin (chicken or meat). The word “special Tahchin” on the head of this restaurant is a proof of this. If you go to Moslem restaurant, we suggest you try Tahchin and enjoy its dreamy taste. In this restaurant, the price of food also seems reasonable due to the large volume of food.

best restaurants and café in Iran

Shandiz Jordan restaurant

If you are one of the people who are skilled in tourism, you know for sure that Shandiz Jordan restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Tehran. It is safe to say that this restaurant offers the highest quality food you have ever tried. Shandiz Jordan’s Shishlik Kebab are unmatched. Once you try them, the taste will stay under your tongue forever. The stylish and luxurious environment of the restaurant, along with beautiful decorations and the respectful behavior of its staff, has made Shandiz Jordan Restaurant a special place for important parties and occasions.

shandiz VIP restaurant in Tehran

Aliqapo restaurant

Aliaqapo Restaurant is one of the best traditional restaurants in Tehran. It is located in the north of Tehran (Vanak street). Live music performed by a professional group, excellent food quality and experienced staff are some of the advantages of this restaurant that adds to its popularity. The interior design of the restaurant, which is traditionally done very artistically; It is like a museum, providing a fun and entertaining environment.

Tehran best traditional restaurant

Tehran Café, the best café from past to present

Tehran Café is one of the oldest and traditional café in Tehran. This café is an old house with yard and trees. It let you seat and serve your order in balcony , yard or living room. You can hear traditional music in every part of this café. The café is crowded at weekends so better to reserve your table before you go there.

best Tehran café

Diamond Cafe

Tehran Diamond café is a real diamond. Now our list of the best cafes in Tehran goes to one of the oldest cafes in Tehran : Diamond Cafe. What distinguishes this café from other cafes in Tehran?. It is that you will feel comfortable entering this café for any reason and with any taste. From the beginning, the beauty of the café on the street makes you feel good even before you enter the café. If you just want to spend some time or have a friendly stay, you will have a pleasant experience anywhere on the café and on any floor where you sit. For example, from the tall windows facing the street on the south side of the building, its beautiful courtyard in the northern part to the windows above the courtyard, all contribute to this good feeling.

Best restaurants and café in Tehran

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